By using existing PowerPoint presentations, or new presentations that you make, they can be uploaded as a file using the Image / File button in the editor. But the two disadvantages of to this is you cannot see the presentation in you wikispace, and as this file is only uploaded and stored on your wikispace, it is quite often too large, and all it allows you to do - is to download it.
It is far better to host your PowerPoint presentation using one of the following hosts:
  1. SlideBoom - http://www.slideboom.com
  2. AuthorStream - http://www.authorstream.com
  3. SlideShare - http://www.slideshare.net/
You first need to create an account with one or all of the above hosts, each have their own unique features:
  • Slideshare looks great on your page, and you can also create a slide presenter, One player and several Slideshows, - it also has the largest library of slideshows created by other people, some of which I have used on the IB wikispace, it is worth checking out. The down side is any interactiviy or more importantly any hyperlinks you use are not active in you presentation. You can add audio tracks if you wish.
  • AuthorStream allows hyperlinks to be active, and can also have an audio track added.
  • SlideBoom the same as Authorstream, but it just looks better on the screen and the uploading of presentations is far quicker.
So You are going to use SlideBoom choose a presentation and the using the 'embed widgit' tool you are going to embed the presentation onto your page:
User name: sandbox61 Password: stc

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There is a great wealth of information on the internet in the form of videos, so when you are looking for some new topic, check out the following:
For this task even if you have a YouTube account log onto:
  • Gmail Username: sandbox61stc Password: shatincollege
  • YouTube Username: sandbox61

When you search for videos I recommended that you save them as your 'favorites' so that you can find them again. or even better save them as 'playlists'. With playlists - a collection of YouTube videos which you give an individual name to. So if you find four or five videos you want your students to watch and you do not want to upload and embed them all individually, you can upload a YouTube player which plays the contents of your playlist.

PowerPoint | YouTube | Google Presentations | Google Apps for Education

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PowerPoint | YouTube | Google Presentations | Google Apps for Education